Christmas Knits ,Socks and Hot Waterbottle Covers

To everyone mailing me re my book of knitted hot water bottle covers yes it is still available and at Amazon


Kate Davies has sold out of her  kit until later of her Toadie Hottie but my book is still there.With

patterns for all sizes of bottles and to suit all adults and children too.

Plus the Sock book is still available, although Amazon only has 3 right now



Tubular Cast On

I think when knitting mitts gloves and hats when you need a really defined cast on edge with full elasticity you cannot beat a tubular cast on.I will be covering this in the new Tutorial section of cast-ons for each occassion

The white is your edge which will becone undone leaving that lovely tube of knitting as your edge in pale blue.Of course you guessed these are Teesdale fibres marketed under the Chrissie Day label and they are naturally dyed.


Excited with my wool


Very excited to finally have cracked the colour block dyeing.This 100gms is dyed to represent those amazing skies and sunsets this summer when sky merged with blues,pinks,turquoises in one great melody of colour.
I do not want small stripes or mixtures but huge stripes of colour to use as my design yarn on a plain background or vice versa.I see this on charcoal grey as a huge shawl with a large design element going paler towards the face when worn.

For now it is sitting in isolated splendour on my work table todays little ray of sunshine in a very wintery white cold world.



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