Secrets revealed

Certain topics could not be talked of until now

1 remember the big knitting shot20130508-224648.jpg

this is where it went
Tabitha designed these for her final show and I translated it into  knitting for the collars cuffs and jacket banding,yarn sponsered by Designer Yarns,thankyou David.

2nd Reveal
Those that know me well, know that since coming to  live here in the North Pennines I have become a yarn producer and my BFL yarn and Zwartbles( astunning natural chocolate colour) were used to produce a blanket for the new Prince of the Realm.
The blue faced leicester was left natural and knitted in a modular raised slip stitch design to denote the hills and valleys here in Harwood where the sheep live.
Prince Charles does an awful lot for the hill farmers here and I hope he us thrilled to see a product that comes from the fleece of their daily endeavours.
My yarn range is tiny and when it is gone II REALLY is gone.
We had our story in the local paper and a shot of the blanket,here it is,with the farmers who produce the yarn outside the village cafe who sell the yarn imageand with the knitting Ladies from my class who knitted it up.

Yarn for those of you who cannot get up here to buy it will be for sale online.

The BFL has had some dyed in natural plant dyes ie madder.
Some has been dyed in variegated or duo colours which when used with the linen stitch looks stunning

Kits for this cowl are for sale via me or at Farfield Mill where my studio is.




Hello Crochet –again

Well here we go again crochet is back again on the  front burner of what people wish to learn about ,it never really goes away like knitting never does,it sometimes slips from the light and this is why I say here we go again.

I crocheted in the Wire book  and then of course wrote Quick Crochet which was 35 products across the board.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.01.59 Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.02.11

Metal.wool,silk,cotton are all brilliant materials for crochet but at the moment I am going to concentrate on cotton and whether you go modular

designs for  large items, or jewelry or whether we make bags and purses and other accessories.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.02.37

To those interested the classes will be held at Viking Loom in York so check often for dates —coming soon  or check FB page for Viking Loom

A short break on the coast

Modbury a lovely place to stop and browse lots of independant shops and a knitting shop run by a knitter stocking lovely Rowan yarns.ModburyThe jagged breathtakingly beautiful cliff face Dramatic cliff facesBurgh Island hotel

Agatha Christie visited here, a stunning Art Deco Hotelo Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island

Pilchard Inn a great place to stop watch the beach and the gulls and chill

Agatha Christie visited the hotel here which is cut off from the mainland  twice a day when it is high tide.

Agatha Christie visited the hotel here which is cut off from the mainland twice a day when it is high tide.

Stunning coastline views from the Island

This coast line makes me think of Daphne Du Maurier books and smugglers etc







































Busy Secret Knitting

What can I say Big knitting,Big needles,Big Catwalk show,Big secret.
It seemed to take forever but when you are measuring knitting in termsof metres etc then it does go on and on and on but I have a feeling it will all look fab when revealed.

The next piece which is not fully revealed is oe of the Harwood range goinginto the new Harwood book all yarns from sheep within 2 miles of my home here in the North Pennines.



New Year New Designs

Officially still on vacation time but have been working on a new range since November when I decided to take the studio offered to me at Farfield Mill.

I so love being there and meeting the public and letting them wander through my fibre  haven as I work,sales and commisions have been great and my work very well received, which does tend to spur you on.

I am still entranced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and although it is some years since I did the Rose series of pieces I still come back to the simplicity of depicting beauty that he so mastered.
On my visit to Glasgow I took hundreds of images of floor tiles and wrought iron which are now finding the way into my work.

I yearn for blue sky and sunshine and failing that blue sky and snow or frost,this murk does nothing for me and actually I feel the cloud is just balanced on my head.
Hope someone’s weather is more agreeable.

I also finished putting touches to my new fibre newsletter overjoyed at the response with nearly 200 going out in the first edition.
Make each day count is my motto this year and for those trying to overcome adversity remember to smile -and believe it will happen.I have also just heard a friend who helped me tremendously when I was ill  is poorly at the moment so I am thinking of him and hoping all goes well for his recovery.

The design work coming though in my knitting is from floor tiles found both in UK and also in Denmark and Bocholt  Germany where I visited the Textil Miuseum and loved exploring the old cottages there so similar to our old victorian cottages.

I have put this into the headbands which are actually using the doubleknititng techniques to work them and in particular the reverse stocking stitch technique.

I will be teching this in 3 places this year so far,Farfield Mill in May ,Fano Knitting Festival in September and then Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show.

The pattern for the headband will be for sale later today through Ravelry and the Doubleknitting

I have finished these using a castoff icord method which allows plenty of stretch still to happen at the edges but holds it in place firmly when wearing ,I also like to vary my colours in the trim.

A work in progress picture Image


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